Dec 16, 2011

Epson T13 Printer Head. How To Clean

Epson printer head is different from the other known brand printers like Canon and Hp. The differences between of these two brands to Epson  is the head of the HP and Canon are embedded in the cartridges, while the head of the Epson is in the cartridge holder assembly. Epson head cannot detached easily, Printer

Printer Head is the one who responsible for the quality of the printing output. If the output printing is not good it's mean that the head is clogged. There are two main reasons why the printer head is clogging; if the printer is always in printing the possible chances of clogging is big. If the printer is not using in regular bases, the printer also have a possible of clogging. In these scenarios you can understand that every Epson printer needs to clean the head regularly.

People should know that if they  prints hundred pages of documents or pictures they must stop the printing at-least in every 50 pages  and continue the printing after  5 minutes to avoid the overheating that cause of damage of printer head.

In this post I will show you the steps of how to clean the Printer head of Epson T13.
  • Disassemble the printer/remove cartridges and other accessories. 
  • Remove the Case of the printer.
  • The Printer Head found in the cartridge holder 
  • Removed the printer chips reader carefully look any lock on the cartridge holder.There are 2 locks on each side of the cartridge holder push it by using flat screw driver to remove the chips reader

  • Take the 3 screws on the printer head 
  • Get the Printer Head by using long nose.
  • To clean the Printer Head use the syringe to suck the head, then put the Head in hot water or Ultra Sonic in 2 minutes.


  • After the suction process assemble the printer and test it. If the printing output is the same as before. Printer Head subject of replacement.  


  1. Thanks,
    but how to overhaul an hw to reinstalle

  2. hi,
    pls give a clear guidance to remove the both locks. I tried but
    it seems to be difficult

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  4. thanks for this info bro... really helps!

  5. Great article. Keep writing and shower your readers with such useful information. Keep it Up!!!


  6. Thanks for the Info . i do it,same.after i install the Print head now the printer doesn't recognized the cartridge.. can u give the additional info how to solved this problem.. Thanks n advance.

  7. Remove the cartridges and re install it again ... or if your printer is already CISS installed the cartridges has an built-in recognize it.

  8. hello.. how to remove the printer head? thanks

  9. I did the steps. But get general error:Delete all print jobs and turn the printer off. Remove any foreign objects from inside the printer. After a few minutes, turn the printer back on.
    There's no foreign objects inside the printer. The printer head catrige carrier will move to the left halfway only and then suddenly to the right banging the wasteink pad. Please help me i need my printer so badly

    1. There is a transparent plastic film above the belt of the cartridge carrier and it runs from left to right. This film has to be travel through the small gap (less than 1 mm) within the carrier's rear side. While removing the head, you might have accidentally removed the film from the above said gap.

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